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Opportunities to Join GGES Group

Graduate Students

We are always interested enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals. Ideal candidates will have an M.S. degree (exemptions will be made for outstanding B.S. degree holders with research experience) in a relevant field, and in addition, have a strong background in any following areas: laboratory rock mechanical testing, rock mechanics/geotechnical numerical modeling, or Machine Learning (ML) application to rock mechanics.

Non-NJIT and highly motivated prospective graduate students with background and experience (in rock mechanics) that are interested in joining the GGES Group can contact Dr. Kolawole ( and attach ALL the following: short statement of purpose, curriculum vitae, unofficial academic transcript(s), GRE scores, and publications (if any). Emails sent without a GRE score and other documents listed above will not get a response. The email subject line should be: GGES-PotentialPhDStudent. It is important that any prospective graduate student must satisfy the criteria for admission into the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Further information can be found here: 

NJIT CEE graduate programs:  NJIT CEE

NJIT graduate admission link: NJIT Graduate Program Application


Highly motivated graduate students already enrolled at NJIT and are interested in joining the GGES group can contact Dr. Kolawole ( and attach their CV with a brief introduction of academic/research experience and research interests. The email subject line should be: GGES-GradStudentNJIT.

Undergraduate Students

If you are an undergraduate student at NJIT and you are interested in opportunities to prepare for future jobs or graduate studies by participating in interdisciplinary research projects in rock mechanics, we encourage you to contact Dr. Kolawole (

Note: Due to the high volume of emails often received, ONLY shortlisted candidates will get a response and be contacted for further evaluations whenever an opportunity is available.

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