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Conference & Seminar Presentations

Conference Abstracts, Presentations, and Posters


7. Kolawole O. (2023). A Biogeomechanical Approach for Assessment of Microbial-Rock Interactions. 35th Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems, SAGEEP, New Orleans, LA.


6. Bouchakour I., Onwumelu C., Kolawole O. (2021). Characterization of the Elastic Properties of Bakken Shales Using Nanoindentation and Homogenization Methods. American Geophysical Union, AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

5. Onwumelu C., Bouchakour I., Nordeng S., Kolawole O., Davis P., Enrriques A. (2021). Assessing the Effect of Thermal Maturation on the Mechanical Properties of Organic Matter in Bakken Shale Using Atomic Force Microscopy. American Geophysical Union, AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

4. Onwumelu C., Nordeng S., Bouchakour I., Kolawole O. (2021). Compensation Effect in Source Rock Kinetics: Influence of Bitumen Formation. Geological Society of America, GSA Connects 2021, Portland, OR.


3. Kolawole O., Ispas I., Kumar M., Weber J. (2020). Effect of Biogeomechanical Altered Properties on Geologic Carbon Storage in Unconventional Reservoirs. American Geophysical Union, AGU Fall Meeting, #B095-0004

2. Onwumelu C., Kolawole O., Nordeng S. (2020). Impact of Maturation Processes on Organic Matter in Shales: Implication for Geologic Carbon Sequestration. Geological Society of America, GSA 2020 Connects Online, 52(6)


1. Kolawole O. (2018). Wellbore instability and Sand Production Prediction in Pannonian Basin. 9th International conference Student petroleum congress & Career expo, Krakow, Poland.

Invited Talks/Lectures, and Seminar Presentations

9.   Geomechanical Assessment of Rock-Microbial Interactions in Geosystems and their Impact on Sustainability and Energy Geo-Resources. American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) Future Leaders Webinar Series, May 2023.

8.  How Can Microbial Process in Geosystems Improve the Environment & Energy Geo-Resources. Department of Earth & Environmental Science, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, February 2023.

7.  Integrated Geomechanics for Sustainable Geosystems. Department of Civil Engineering, Stony Brook University, NY, October 2022. (link)

6.  Integrated Geotechnics and Sustainable Geo-Resources: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, November 2021. (link)

5.  Sustainable Energy and Geo-Resources Development in Africa: Where Do We Go from Here?. Department of Energy & Minerals Engineering, Penn State University, PA, November 2021.

4.  Geotechnical and Sustainable Geo-Energy Engineering - A Multidisciplinary Perspective. Department of Engineering, Hope College, MI, October 2021. (link)

3.  Multidisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Geo-Energy: Where Do We Go from Here?. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Colorado School of Mines, CO, April 2021. (link)

2.  Sustainable Geo-Energy: How Can We Contribute?. University of North Dakota Earth Science and Engineering Virtual Conference, ND, April 2021.

1.  Interaction between hydraulic fractures and natural fractures. Optimize the Unconventional Mini-Symposium, ARMA-Texas Tech University Chapter, TX, Feb 2020.

Media Mentions

1.   Is CO2 the New Unconventionals? AAPG Explorer Magazine, The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), November 2023. (pdf)

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